TIER One Planning is a Financial Planning Firm that provides independent financial advice and focuses on empowering our clients with the tools to make informed financial decisions.

TIER One Planning was founded in 2007 by Morgan as a Family office focused on all aspects of the financial planning process. As a Certified Financial Planning Professional, comprehensive financial planning has always been at the heart of our company. The Company name also helps explain our focus: Tax Planning, Investment Planning, Estate and Risk planning. Our firm belief is that every individual deserves comprehensive financial planning and we want to make it accessible to as many people as possible. Making sure our clients are empowered with the knowledge to make informed decisions for themselves is paramount. By providing independent financial advice, we promote an unbiased decision making process that provides access to the best advice available.

Morgan Adams

CFP, Hon. B. Com.
Morgan Adams is a Certified Financial Planning (CFP) Professional with over 12 years experience helping his clients Preserve and Grow their wealth and mitigate risk. The company, TIER One Planning, specializes in Tax, Investment, Estate, Retirement and Risk Planning. Morgan’s Background as a Private Market Specialist also allows him to look at a client’s portfolio with a different lens. Morgan believes in continuously education himself and his clients and to add value in their lives.


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