Every investor has their own unique personality which in turn needs a customized and unique approach. We'll listen to you, ask questions and provide the care you expect.

About TIER One Planning

Independent Financial Services

TIER One Planning has been providing Financial Advice for clients in the Cambridge Kitchener-Waterloo area for the past 9 years. Through this time we have been able to help our clients and others in the community to receive information that they would not normally be able to receive. Being an Independent Financial Service Provider, we are able to provide independent and unbiased information that is best suited to our clients needs. We have found this to be beneficial, as we are not tied down to any one product. This gives our clients the flexibility to invest in any product that is suitable to them, and not just what the banks provides.

Tax Planning
Investment Planning
Estate Planning
Retirement Planning

Personal Profiles

Morgan Adams, B.Comm.

Morgan has his Honors Bachelor of Commerce Degree and has been in the industry for 9 years. He has recently completed a year with a specialty financial products innovator. His experience includes flow through tax shelters, real estate developments and Insurance.


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Is your Mortgage (or your car, cottage, boat etc.) tax Deductible? That is a question we love to ask as we have some good solutions for those who say no.