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Life Insurance Quotes

This section is meant to provide you with access to life insurance quotes. We have found that over the years, most insurance policies have decreased in price, however people are still with their older, more expensive plans. This programme allows you to see every insurance provider in Canada and what their rates would be.

While inputting your information for your own policy, make sure that you choose "Regular" health status, as it will give you a more reasonable expectation of price. If in fact you are in better health, the insurance company will decrease your payments. The programme will sort the companies by price so you can determine what product is best for you.

We are glad to provide quotes if you find that you are having any difficulty.

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Travel Insurance

At TIER One be believe in being protected. Below you will find information on how to protect yourself and your family while on vacation or simply out of Province. There are different links for the various different types of insurance. All of the plans are available as Single Trip or Multi-Trip Annual options. If you are planning a onetime trip, up to 183 days (or more by request), choose the Single Trip option. This is a favorite for Snowbird travelers and families enjoying a vacation together. There is no age limit for the Single Trip option. If you will be travelling more than one time in the year, consider choosing a Multi-Trip plan for either 15 or 30 days.

Take as many trips in the year as you want. If you are a sun-seeker, vacationer or business traveler who travels more than once a year, then this is the option for you. You must be aged 79 or under to choose this option. To help you choose the right plan for you, there is a brief description of the TravelStar(r) travel plans listed below. Click on this link to find more details, view the policy, find your rate and to apply right now. If you have any questions please contact our Cambridge or Waterloo office.

TravelStar(r) Plans: